Wire Mesh Decking

Customized Storage Racking Flared Wire Mesh Deck Panel

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Customized Storage Racking Flared Wire Mesh Deck Panel


Engineered to fit all styles of beams, as they are designed to fit beams that have no insert or step. The universal fit is ideal for applications that utilize box beam or structural beam.


Our flared wire decking for racks are the high quality in the world because they utilize the modern equipment in the industry. The factory utilizes state of the art equipment including many automated welders that help insure high quality welds and the consistent quality.


Flared channel wire deck with its universal fit is commonly stocked in standard sizes.


Sunnyrack provides three types of wire decking: Flared wire decking, Drop in wire decking, Channel wire decking.Any size and load capacity is available



Flared Wire Decking Features and Benefits:

• Flared channel refers to the channel supports welded to the bottom of the decking

• Flared channel wire decking has channels that are crushed on the ends. It is designed to sit on the top crown of the beam. It doesn’t require a step

• Although flared channels offer slightly less capacity (maybe a little more bowing) than step channel wire decking, they have a universal fit that works with almost any brand of pallet rack and any style of beam


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