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Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack

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Very Narrow aisle pallet rack


Narrow aisle pallet rack is one of the typical selective pallet racking system.Its three direction stacking forklift slide guide is installed at the bottom of the shelf. Unequal angle steel is used in the guide rail. It applies a special three direction stacking forklift. The forklift slide along the setted guide rail. The lane of the racking system is a little wider than the pallet cargoes, which realize high density storage. It at the same time has the feature of selective racking system that the forklift can store any pallet of cargoes. The high efficiency and high density of storage brings great production rate and save the cost of the storage and transport.


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1.High average spaces used 95%, up to 100%, good stock rotation and 50% floor utilization with high locations accessible.

2.Floor mounted free roaming trucks as flexible in every aisle.

3.High speed through put with specialized forklift trucks.

4.Controlled materials handling provides secure and harmless environment.

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Please inform us the following information, we can provide the solutions as your requirement, thanks!

1) Size of the warehouse

2) Width, depth and height for each unit of rack

3) How many levels for each unit of rack

4) Loading capacity for each pallet or for each level of beams

5) Color

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