VNA Pallet Racking

High Utilization VNA Pallet Racking System Metal Shelving

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High Utilization VNA Pallet Racking System Metal Shelving Made in China


VNA Rack(Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack) is a kind of pallet rack. Difference lies in the bottom ground with guide rails. Material handling forklift is dedicated to 3-guide forklift or stacker. The width of Aisle is slightly larger than that of pallets, high density storage requirements can be achieved. At the same time, VNA covers all advantages of pallet racking with 100% optional capability. Forklift can load and unload any pallet.


VNA pallet rack (1) VNA pallet rack (2) 




1. Having large goods storage capacity, frequent loading and unloading of pallets and higher requirements of goods picking

2. Having higher level in logistics efficiency

3. Clear height of warehouse is more than 8 meters

4. Forklift only used in the appointed warehouse and no extra tasks from outdoor.


Please provide information for quick quotation


1. Pallet Size (Length*Width*Loading Height in mm)

2. Layout or Dimension (Length*Width*Net Height in mm) of your warehouse

3. Rack Size (Length*Width*Depth in mm) if available or we shall design for you

4. How many bays and levels if available

5. Loading Capacity(kg) of each level or each pallet


VNA pallet rack (3) VNA pallet rack (4)


Application of narrow aisle pallet rack


1. large quantity of cargoes storage with frequent in and out

2. urgent storage capacity need and large storage quantity

3. high efficiency requirement of logistics storage efficiency

4. can apply independent storage forklift


VNA pallet rack (5)