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This kind of Industrial Steel Structure Platform uses I-beam or H-beam and cold-rolled cross-beam as the main support, then combined with the floor panel. Floor panels are usually made of wood or cold-rolled steel. It is also equipped with stairs and guardrails that can be used with the lifting platform for high efficiency. It can be customized according to the site and specific requirements as well. In addition, the column beams of the Industrial Steel Structure Platform are all uses screw interlocking structure, with stable structure, combined installation, convenient for transportation and disassembly, and it can be flexibly designed according to the field. 

It is mainly suitable for warehouses where the storage area requires a large span and the overall floor is heavily loaded. Besides, the Industrial Steel Structure Platform can also be designed to be used for downstairs office or machine equipment. It is very popular with our customers. 

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Features of steel platform:  

1.High-density storage style, specially for loosening or small box goods

2.Allows you to take full advantage of the air space you already have

3.Total bolted system without any welding

4.Medium-duty with loading capacity of 50-500kg/layer and heavy-duty with loading capacity of 500-2000kg/layer

5.Working with hoisting machine, pallet jack, store manually for small or loosening goods

6.Self-supporting structure without any support from building or civil structure

7.Ideal for multi-tier mezzanines

8.Easy assembly & dismantlement

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