Steel Platform

Warehouse storage system multi-layer steel platform

Sunnyrack Steel Platform had succeefully run in a famous public company in China on September 2017 .The warehouse is use for stocking electrical components with nearly 8160 square meter.Because of the limitation of warehouse area,need for maxmize the vertical space.

After closely contact with customer,we collect the warehouse data,the loading capacity requirements etc.Our professional engineer made a customized Steel platform,and also provided 3D simulation effect.

To make sure that the steel platform could be operated correctly,Sunnyrack engineers attended the whole installtion process,and gave useful guidance.

For the details of thi steel platform project,dimension L68*W60*H5(M),Load capacity 500kg/㎡,equipped with slide rail elevator.On the connection between the galvanzied steel floor and floor beam,we have a rubber sheet design in order to reduce noise.

Following are some detailed project pictures for your reference: