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Warehouse Stocking 2 Ton Steel Double Deep Pallet Rack

Warehouse Stocking 2 Ton Steel Double Deep Pallet Rack
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Product Details
We have the ability to develop VNA Pallet Racking System, Electric Mobile Racking System, Corrosion Resistant Metal Steel Pallet independently that can develop new products according to customer needs, and ensure that the quality of the products meets customer requirements. We believe that we have responsibility before we have power, taking responsibility is both a qualification and an honor. Merchandise have been exported to mant international markets.

Product Introduction

Double Deep Pallet Racking increases storage efficiency by improving pallet storage density. By placing a second row of Selective Pallet Rack immediately behind the first row, we create Double Deep Pallet Rack; this eliminates the need for an aisle between two storage racks and increases storage by up to 25%. Double deep pallet rack systems require deep reach lift trucks.It’s ideal for use in a range of industries and sectors, including food and drink, industrial and manufacturing workplaces.Similar to our standard and wide aisle products.


Products Feature: 

1. Double deep pallet racking is an improvement of standard selective pallet racking. 
2. Double Deep Racking stores two pallets deep, or four pallets deep in a double entry rack. 
3. The number of aisles reduced to achieve higher storage efficiency. 
4. The system requires the use of a special reach forklift with either dual pantograph or slide fork attachments. Forklift heights are limited by load to about 10 meters.
5. Modified reach forklift with the ability to stack two pallets deep operating in almost conventional reach forklift aisles. 
6. Upper levels can be fitted with guide rails to assist forklift drivers in locating pallets; they also help reduce fork truck operator error and accidental impact damage. 
7. This system is best used when each stock keeping unit has several pallets. 50% immediate pallet access provides reasonable stock rotation on a FILO basis and makes good use of all available locations.

This racking is taken as a suitable and economical storage solution:

-All the layers can be fix at any height only if it's times of 75mm, user will adjust different height for various pallet storage;

-We supply quite big sections of upright to suit special needs.

-Standard and special dimensions are both available, you can just put forward your requirement and we design, we give the solutions.

-We use the epoxy powder coated and galvanized surface treamment to prevent against corruption;

Double-deep pallet racking design drawing:


We have a mature process and modern management mode, and are committed to the development of Warehouse Stocking 2 Ton Steel Double Deep Pallet Rack market. We continue to improve professional services to meet various needs of customers. Consumers' smile is our goal. We are willing to be a long-term business partner to contribute to your development. We have accumulated advanced management experience and formed a scientific quality management system.
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