Stainless Steel Assembly Storage Rack Kitchen Steel Stainless Steel Shelf

Stainless Steel Assembly Storage Rack Kitchen Steel Stainless Steel Shelf
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Our company is committed to becoming one of the world's leading suppliers of china Pallet Racking, storage Shelf, Drive In Racking. We have obvious competitive advantages in terms of quality, price, delivery, technology and service, and win the trust of customers with stable quality and considerate service. Since the state, the nation, society and citizens all have their own responsibilities, thus enterprises should also have corporate responsibilities. We attach great importance to internal company cooperation, emphasizing team spirit, mutual trust and effective communication.

Warehouse Steel Shelving Rack is design for quick access and optimized to  storage goods within minimum space,which flow the man-to-productprinciple. It is designed for warehouses where goods are deposited and removed manually from shelves. This system also makes optimal use of warehouse height, as the higher levels can be accessed mechanically by devices that lift the operator to required height (electric stacker or order picking forklift trucks) or via dispatch trolley located between shelves.



Features & Advantages:


•  200-700KG loading capacity per level.


•  Shelf levels adjust on 50mm increments and include safety lock pin.


• Can be supplied with steel panel,wire mesh deck,steel grating or timber shelves.


•  Easy assembly & Installed quickly.




Warehouse Steel Shelving Rack Scope:

1. It usually for small parts, heavy goods storage.

2. It is widely used in human, manual handling, storage and selection operations based on various occasions such as storage and display.






Applications of Sunnyrack Shelving System:



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            Timber shelve type


We are professional manufacturer of all types of Racking system since 2002,supply various type warehouse shelve rack including Light duty shelve,Medium duty shelve,Heavy duty shelve rack and customized mezzanine rack ,steel platform etc.Please contact us by email  or call us directly by 0025 85622571.

Our company has strong strength, advanced technology, and is one of the most professional Stainless Steel Assembly Storage Rack Kitchen Steel Stainless Steel Shelf production enterprises in China. We have now our very own manufacturing facility and sourcing place of work. With the continuous improvement of today's production technology level, the market attaches importance to product quality, which forces us to improve production technology.
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