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Srmtec Mobile Ammonia Refrigeration Station Cooling System

Srmtec Mobile Ammonia Refrigeration Station Cooling System
Product Details
In line with the business philosophy of pursuing excellence, continuous improvement and common prosperity, the Corrosion Resistant Metal Steel Pallet, Heavy Duty PP HDPE Plastic Pallet, Teardrop Pallet Racking produced from us is absolutely high-quality and inexpensive. Providing first class products is our aim. We are looking forward to cooperating with more clients worldwide for common development and mutual benefit! Our company always adhere to the purpose of serving customers and grow together with customers under the newer and greater opportunities.

Product Description:

Electric mobile racking system is one of the high density storage system. A whole electric mobile racking system requires only one working channel for forklift or stacker. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity is much higher than that of the ordinary pallet racking system. Its space utilization rate can reach more than 85%. The racking system is made up of rail (or guide device), trolley (walking device), motor, pallet racking, detection device, operation panel and software control system.

The pallet racking is placed on the bearing trolley. Each row of the system is driven by an electric motor.The motor drives the trolley via frequency control. From starting up to braking, the whole racking system is automatic,intelligent, safe and reliable. According to the rail style, it is divided into two types: Guide rail type and Non-Guide rail type. Non-Guide rail type is guided through magnetic strip.

Basic Information

ItemGuide railNon-guide rail
Load capacity320 tons/unit16 tons/unit
Height of rackShelves can be designed to be higherNormal
CostRelatively inexpensive(Normal)Expensive
Running Speed10m/min
NotchNeedNo need
GuidanceRail guidanceMechanical guidance
Power of motor0.4/0.75/1.5KW
Control methodMannual control,Automatic control&remote control
Safety deviceThrough self-locking,automatic detection of emergency stop,sound and light alarm,overload,over current protection


Advantages of Electric Mobile Racking System:

1. Aisle saving

2. Stable structure, large loading capacity and can be compatible with  other handling equipment and building structures; 

3. Safe and accident-free working operation: Equipped with emergency stop buttons, access light barriers, manual release systems, distance sensors, and safety light barriers.

4. Semi-automated or fully-automated solution: Mobile racking can be used with traditional forklifts or in conjunction with AGV systems.

Real case:


 Sunnyrack warehouse:        


Packing & Shipping:


We want to develop into a Srmtec Mobile Ammonia Refrigeration Station Cooling System production, R&D and sales manufacturer with first-class core technology and international influence. We always pay attention to the needs of users and provide high-quality products and services. Thank you - Your support continuously inspires us.
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