Wire Mesh Decking

Galvanized U Channel Wire Mesh Panels for Pallet Racking

Galvanized U Channel Wire Mesh Panels for Pallet Racking
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Our VNA Pallet Racking System, Slotted Angle Steel Light Duty Shelving, Pallet Racking is manufactured under the direction of high quality requirements, standard inspections and rich experience. Our company takes 'smart and enterprising, pragmatic and innovative' as its corporate purpose and strictly controls management and quality with the business philosophy of 'ingenuity, perfection'. Faster delivery time and the product you want is our criterion. We hope our achievements can attract your attention and look forward to cooperating with you.

Product Description 

This kind of Pallet Rack Channel Wire Decking With Strengthen Rib has much better function on transmission of light, and it complies with fireproof requirements and can help reduce the insurance rates compared with general similar products. It welded with reinforcing rib under wire decking surface to strengthen the load capacity. The surface uses galvanization or powder coating spraying, thus it gains the properties of rustproof and corrosion resistance. 

In addition, the Pallet Rack Channel Wire Decking With Strengthen Rib will be put on the box beam or step beam when it is used together with the rack or shelving. Besides, the increased surface area provided by it allows user to both increase storage space and provide for a safer environment and storage method, and helping to reduce the risk of anything falling off the racks and injuring a nearby worker. 

Moreover, the design of the Pallet Rack Channel Wire Decking With Strengthen Rib increases light and visibility through your pallet racks, giving workers better access to and knowledge of whatever items are remaining on the racks.


1. Engineered with welded channel that fits on the ledge of the step beam or Z beam. 

2. Channel wire decking is a very popular style now. 

3. It is widely used on teardrop pallet racking. 

channel wire decking (5)

We are dedicated to providing Galvanized U Channel Wire Mesh Panels for Pallet Racking as well as efficient and timely services for customers at home and abroad. We apply advanced management concepts to the factory management model. We are dedicated to see the future trends, thus we can act accordingly.
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