Design Manufacture Customized Prefabricated Steel Structure Mezzanine

Design Manufacture Customized Prefabricated Steel Structure Mezzanine
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With continuous product innovation, we will develop newer, unique and exquisite Radio Shuttle Rack System, Steel Platform, Logistic Equipment to serve our clients. We always adhere to the planned, step-by-step, and reasonable development of business channels, and bind the interests of the majority of enterprises to build a comprehensive business platform. With our strong capabilities and management experience, we have won wide recognition from customers. Regardless of product quality and after-sales service, we strive for perfection and excellence.

Product introduction:

Racking support Mezzanine rack system usually takes sectional material, medium or heavy duty rack as the main structural support, and the floors will be attached to add the upper second or third levels to increase vertical storage space. The weight capacity of the rack unit is usually within 500kgs per square meters and the height between 2.2 and 2.7 meters for each floor level. Light duty, small and medium sized goods are usually loadable on the floor for long-term storage. Package slideway, conveyer belt, elevator, electric hoist or platform-lift can be integrated into the mezzanine racking system. It is commonly applied in auto parts stores, light industry, micro-electronics fields etc.


Racking support mezzanine application:





Sunnyrack factory:



Upright post&Beam rolling line



Powder coating line

We are professional Racking support mezzanine manufacturer with CE,ISO certificates,and our products include Pallet rack, Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform,Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving,Wire mesh deck and Wire mesh container etc.


If you are interested with our mezzanine racking system,please send us email or call us directly 0086 25 89622571.

Our competitive advantage is to utilize our advanced technology to reduce the cycle cost of products and provide customers with high-quality and low-cost Design Manufacture Customized Prefabricated Steel Structure Mezzanine. Our company actively introduces advanced professional technology and senior management personnel, and constantly studies and summarizes the rich experience of peers to ensure product quality and strictly control after-sales service. We believe that choosing us is the guarantee of choosing quality, and we look forward to cooperation with you sincerely!
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