Radio Shuttle Racking

Industrial Drive Through Radio Shuttle Rack With Pallet Runner

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Product Details

Radio shuttle rack with pallet runner is designed for storing a large number of similar goods (pallets). Pallets are placed on the supporting rails, which makes possible the high-density storage. The rack system is the most ideal for expensive storage space like cold storage warehouse.


The design principle of drive through radio shuttle rack with Pallet runner is to combine rows of traditional racks, without special access or aisle. It is allocated by tow rows of racks installed back to back or a single group of racks against the wall, and the forklifts use the same aisle to access. this system racking is stocked from inward to outward, and pallets to be delivered are withdrawn from outward to inward in sequence. The drive-in rack is suitable for raw materials warehouses or transit warehouses for periodical batch operations and high storage frequency.


Radio shuttle rack working principle:

1)Loading:With the remote radio controller’s order,the pallet runner transports the pallet into the tunnel of the storage radio racking system from the home position,then returns for the next pallet.

2)Picking:With the remote radio controller’s order,the pallet runner carries the pallet out of tunnel to home position or forklift to pick.

3)Transferring:The pallet runner can be transferred to the other tunnel by forklift.And the quantity of the pallet runner is decided by depths of tunnel,quantity of pallet through in put,load and pick frequency etc.


Adaptable industries:

1)Large quantity with small varieties: Foods,Beverage,Chemistry,Tobacco etc.

2)Cold storage warehouse:Effectively reduce working time,better efficiency and safety.

3)Expiration control:Strict limitation of batches of goods,which require First in - Last out.

4)Volume increasing:Maximum of limited space of warehouse.


Radio shuttle racking project: