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Customized Automatic Radio Shuttle Pallet Rack For Storage

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Radio shuttle rack system:

Radio Shuttle rack system is a storage system composed of high density storage racking,shuttle cart and forklift.This type of storage pallet racking system is more powerful in operation than traditional storage racking,which enable it to make use of warehouse space efficiently.


#It is a combination of simple drive-in racking and shuttle cart

#Incoming the storage system, pallets to be loaded by forklifts on the shuttle cart

#which is located at the front end of the drive-in system, then the shuttle cart carrying a pallet is sent to an appointed location by remote control.



Application of Shuttle rack system:

(1)The hospital,school and the library

(2)The textile and garment industry

(3)The machinery and equipment industry

(4)Food, cold storage

(5)Communication electronics, electrical appliances

(6)Logistics warehouse

(7)Auto parts, auto 4S shop

(8)Pharmaceutical and chemical industry


Required details for quick quotation:

1.Pallet Size (Length*Width*Loading Height in mm)
2.Warehouse Layout or Dimension (Length*Width*Net Height mm)

2.Rack Size (Length*Width*Depth in mm if available,if not, we shall design for you)
4.Loading Capacity(kg) of each pallet



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