Quality control

In Sunnyrack, the whole process including design, purchase of raw materials, production, quality control, installation, after service, etc. is complied strictly with ISO9001:2008. 

1. The rigidity and strength of our racks comply with National Industry Standard of Machinery Ministry completely JB/T5323-91.

2. Sag of beam is no more than L/250mm when fully loaded.

3. All steel materials of racks are from Baosteel Group.

4. All sectional materials of racks are made by our professional equipments like cold rolling mill, automatic press and bending machine. All of them are inspected by proper detecting instruments.

5. Welds like the bottom accord with the national standard to ensure that there's no sealing off and rosin joint, meanwhile, they're even and firm.

6. Surface treatment and spraying of rack and its coordinated parts are finished on the automatic spraying line. The process is: rust removing 、acid cleaning、dissolving、defatting、drying、electrostatic spraying、drying、package inspecting and storing. Paint coat quality accords with standard GB9628.