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Sunnyrack Storing Large Quantity Cart Push Back Pallet Racking System/Steel Warehouse Shelving

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This kind of Storing Large Quantity Cart Push Back Pallet Racking System/Steel Warehouse Shelving is a first-in-last-out storage system, and is suitable for unified palletized goods. It can make the most use of the warehouse space so as to save space and storage cost. In the same area, it can store much more goods comparing with conventional pallet rack. In addition, the Storing Large Quantity Cart Push Back Pallet Racking System/Steel Warehouse Shelving doesn't need forklift to go into the racking lanes, which enhances safety factory for forklift operator and improves work efficiency. Besides, it combined rail and pallet trolley, and the track has a certain gradient. It is usually used for occasions where the storage space is extremely limited, but it is necessary to increase the storage capacity or have time requirements for the goods, etc.

Features and advantages

1.It is composed of typical structural parts such as pallet trolleys. The pallet truck has flow characteristics. The goods are regulated at one end of the shelf, and follow FILO access mode.

2.When storing and transporting goods, the forklift only works at the lower level of the shelf channel and does not need to enter the shelf cargo storage channel. Such shelves have the typical characteristics of high storage density and fast storage and transportation speed.

Working Operation Principle

1.When the first pallet is picked up on the push-in rack, the next pallet slides to the picking point, effectively using a single channel for access, especially for the storage and management of the goods transit area. Compared with ordinary shelves, push back racks can increase the use rate of about 60% of the ground.

2.Push back shelving is safer and more efficient than drive in shelving, and requires only a combination of reach-forklift trucks and counterweight forklift trucks to be used, and requires less forklift truck operation than drive-in.

3.Suitable for less variety, large quantities of goods, advanced out of the way of operation. Suitable for freezer, etc. need to improve the space utilization rate.

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