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Double Side or Single Side Stackable Plastic Pallet

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Product Details

Double Side Or Single Side Stackable Plastic Pallet

Product Feature:

1.Use High Density Polyethylene(called HEPD for short)as raw material;Can be divided into single-side and double-side plastic pallet.
2.Hard, cold & heat resistant, acid &alkali resistant, high chemical stability,non-toxic and tasteless.
3.Single-side plastic pallet has only one side, the surface is mesh or flat type,the bottom including H,T and J type. 
4.Double-side plastic pallet has two same sides, surface can be mesh or flat type.
5.There are static load, dynamic load and load on pallet racking.
    a. Static load is the maximum load of the  bottom pallet when they are stacked
      into multi layers;  
    b. Dynamic load is the maximum load of the pallet when it is carried by
      hydraulic pallet truck or forklift ;  
    c. Load on pallet racking is the maximum load of the pallet when it is placed
     on the racking.
6.Plastic pallet can be stacked one by one or placed on pallet racking.
7.According to different need, we could select different type, different load capacity.

Common size:

Item No.Size:L*W*H(mm)Static load(kg)Dynamic load(kg)Load on rack(kg)
Many other specifications are available

Pallet Advantages

1. Various of the style for your choice

2. Suitable for the rack load

3. With a wide range of size for your choice

4. Heavy loading capacity

5. Long life service

6. Clolor can be customized

7. Stronger & safer than wooden pallets

8. Made of new material HDPE

9. Plastic Pallets Offer an Economic Alternative to Wood Pallets or Skids. 

10. Recyalable and washable


Packing & Shipping: