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Warehouse Storage System, which allows instantaneous access to store articles without incurring load crushing, is the most popular and economic storage system at present. The racking is mainly used together with pallet and the common forklift. It is constantly in demand by all warehousing facilities requiring palletised storage and handling. It's the most effective multiple storage racking, working with fork truck and store or take goods with pallet. It can be highly selected an "first in first out" with high cycling rate.  Warehouse Storage System consists of column, beam, supported bracing, row spacer and footplate. The structure is simple. Each upright pitch can be adjusted and the beam distance also can be adjustable based on the height of storage item. 

The Warehouse Storage System is safe and convenient that can make full use of the space. Goods are packed on the pallet, then the pallet is deposited or picked up from racking by forklift easily and freely. It is widely used in warehouse, supermarket, distribution centers and other logistic places.

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Height of each layer can be adjusted by 75mm freely. Load capacity of each layer is more than 1000-3000kg, load capacity of one set racking can be 5000-24000 kg. Length and depth of the racking are designed according to the pallet size.

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If you have a small warehouse, large storage facility, medium sized workshop or a farm storage shed, the Selective Pallet Racking is your partner in efficient and safe storage. Feel free to send your inquiry to us.

We are very willing to help you figure out which warehouse pallet racking system is suitable for your working conditions. If you have inquiry regarding quotes and site measure-ups, feel free to contact us today.


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