You Must Know Several Industry Parameters About Warehouse Racking

1. Load capacity

It is the single-layer load-bearing weight, which is the weight that each layer can bear, not the total load-bearing capacity of the shelf. Load capacity is the most precondition for designing shelf specifications. 

It is related to the overall structure and materials of the shelf. Therefore, we must know this point before purchasing racking. In addition, the weight is not as large as possible, but should be reasonably customized according to the needs of use. For example, electronic factories generally stack electronic components, which are relatively expensive, but relatively light, each layer can not exceed 300KG, so light-duty racking or medium-sized racking are generally used.

2.Racking length

Racking length refers to the length of the box beam, that is, the length of each group of racking. The length of the racking is mainly determined by the length and width of the placed goods.

3.Racking height and number of layers

Racking height refers to the height of the upright. It is mainly determined by factors such as the height of the plant, the weight of the cargo, and the way the cargo is accessed. The number of layers is mainly determined by the total height of the racking and the total height of the goods.

If the purchaser cannot determine the above parameters, just need to inform us of the pre-stored product specifications. We SUNNYRACK can customize the warehouse racking according to your needs.