Wire Decking Supplier Of Wire Mesh Deck For Pallet Rack

Wire Mesh decking is ideal for heavy duty as well as very light loads, food industries, as it’s a highly versatile offering significant 

benefits over traditional shelving. It quickly converts pallet racking into shelving for smaller items without a loss in  loading 

capacity. It’s a cost-effective and strong alternative to timber and solid industrial steel shelving to store pallets and unusual 

shaped products. 

Wire decking helps to maximize storage space and support between the cross beams. This type of decking is a self-cleaning, 

easy to install support for your pallet rack system. Its wire mesh design provides strong support capable of storing drums, 

cartons, and pallets of various sizes.Each wire mesh panel is quickly positioned between two pallet racking box beams, creating 

an instant shelf for small boxed items or irregular sized palletised goods.

With a wire mesh deck, you can keep your products from falling through your racking system and causing damage or injury. In 

addition they are preferable to solid shelves because it allows smoke and heat to rise and sprinkler water to fall through into 

storage areas. Also they make it easier for your crew to see a fire and evacuate