Will The Shape Of Hole Affect The Loading Of Warehouse Rack?

Diamond hole is most popular in warehouse rack field,some with round holes while others without holes.the function of round hole is for the convenience of connection.Non-round hole can slightly increase the loading capacity of the column specially for high-level pallet racking or heavy duty racks.Diamond hole is come from aboard and it has been used for more than 20 years and never problems caused.


To be frankly,the loading capacity will have little different if other structures are same.the only difference is focus on cost,simplicity and stability.the diamond hole will make the connection of column and upright more tightly.it can effectively prevent the pallet rack from shaking.


In theory,the size of beam claw has a considerable relationship with the loading.the connection method of beam and column will be different and the hinged structure and the fixed structure play an important role for the loading of beam.


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