Why Wire Mesh Decking Should Be Part Of Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Pallet Racking is a type of Storage Racking System which used to stock pallet goods. Wire mesh deck is a popular accessory in Selective pallet racking and has been proven to be far superior to wood decking due to its strength, safety features and cleanliness. Wire decking is constructed with heavy gauge wire that is welded into wide grid deck panels. Channel supports are added to form a strong and rigid wire deck structure. A high-quality and long-lasting powder coat finish is added to protect the wire deck from corrosion. Compared to the traditional wood boards, wire decks offer a far stronger product that increases safety and efficiency at a much lower cost, and eliminates the dust caused by wood for a much cleaner facilit

What is most important,Wire decks help catch anything that falls from the pallets, preventing lost products or spills from falling to the floor. Without the mesh decking in place, products could get lost if they fall from a pallet onto a pallet below or to the floor. Compared with Plywood, The decking offers better support and light and air filtering between the beams.In fact, wood shelving units are more labor intensive, create a fire hazard, and collect dust and debris. Besides,Wire decking is easy-to-install and placed on top of pallet racking beams, locking into place,also providing increased fire safety.

Types of Wire mesh decking:

1.Flared Wire Decking

Engineered to fit all styles of beams,as they are designed to fit beams that have no insert to step.They universal fit is ideal for application that utilize box beam or structural beam.

2.Drop in Wire Decking

Drop in wire decking sits inside the 2 steps of the beams,creating a flush and snug fit.

3.Channel Wire Decking

Engineered with a welded channel that fits on the ledge of the step beam or Z beam.Channel wire decking is a very popular style now.This type is widely used on teardrop pallet racking.