Why Do Warehouses Choose Heavy-duty Rackings Commonly?

Let's look at the structural characteristics of heavy-duty racking. 

The advantages of this kind of racking is that it is a major bearing and the racking is relatively stable, and the structure is not complicated, which  is also beneficial to a new combination. 

The goods are placed on the steel panel supported by the uprights and beams, which are well-defined and highly suitable, and are convenient for general people to access and manage.


In general, heavy duty racking designed based on requests can withstand different weights. 

The type of manufacturing racking used determines the weight of the heavy-duty racking that can be produced to withstand the maximum storage weight, depending on the actual condition of the goods being placed. As a relatively good quality heavy-duty racking, the maximum load capacity can reach 5000kg per layer. This is enough for general storage needs. Heavy-duty racking allows you to change heights and move racking at will, making storage management even more convenient.

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