Why Choose Selective Adjustable Pallet Racking?

Adjustable pallet racking is one of the most common types of warehouse racking. It meets a wide range of industrial storage needs and can be easily altered for different stock profiles or handling requirements. It is a flexible logistical solution, adaptable to the dimension of specific unit loads. With specialist advice beams can be raised or lowered and added or removed as warehouse needs change, making it a flexible and dynamic option for warehouses where stock may vary in size and volume. Conventionally, goods are accessed by forklifts via aisles parallel to the racks and, depending on the equipment being used, the racking can be used in wide, narrow and very narrow aisle configurations. There are many things that should be taken into consideration when designing a pallet racking system. These include:

· Desired storage capacity.

· The footprint of the storage space.

· The height of the storage space.

· Inventory rotation.

· Unit/Load volume and weight.

· The placement of structural components such as columns and doors.

· The equipment available or required for handling.


Why choose Selective Adjustable Pallet Racking?

1.Goods in and out of storage is not affected by the sequence; 

2.The safety pin is used to fix the crossbeam and the column. This structure is not only convenient for transportation, but also can freely adjust the height of each layer of the shelf in 75mm steps according to the height of the goods to meet the storage requirements of different heights of goods; 

3.The load requirements can be determined according to the size of the columns and beams; 

4.The plasticity of the cross-beam shelf (pallet shelf) is very large, on the basis of the cross beam shelf (pallet shelf), we build the drawer mold shelf, the attic shelf, the narrow lane shelf, the double depth shelf, the pressing shelf, the automatic storage shelf and so on; 

5.Not only effectively improve the storage height of the warehouse, but also can improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse;

6.Meets any products any warehouse use, it is the universal shelf in the storage shelf.