Why Choose Long Span Shelving And What Is The Function

Longspan shelving is designed to storehand loaded heavy or bulky items.It is a good option for shed or garages at home or small warehouses.Also referred to as Wide Span Shelving, long-span shelving is the perfect heavy-duty pallet racking system that can stock products in diffirent weights and sizes.In other words, it offers long interrupted bays between uprights, which can hold items of unusual shapes and sizes, as well as meet the demands of a varied or frequently changing stock range.

What are the benefits provided by longspan shelving?


High weight capacity

It is a good idea to use this type of shelving for the storage of heavy items.Load capacity can be up to 300-1000kg per layer.

Easy assemblage and usage

Longspan shelving product range uses a boltless assembly process that makes it simple to install and easy to adjust to keep up with changing storage requirements. The beams clip into positon in the frame uprights and extra shelves and extension bays can also be added.

Offering much flexibility

The long span shelving consists of horizontal beams and vertical frames, and the shelves are not only supported over beams,also with some strength ribs.

The longspan shelving is a significantly better option to use when you require something that can take plenty of abuse, such as from moving plenty of varied bulky items constantly on and off the shelves.