When We Should Use 3 Uprights Frame Shelves ?

Corresponding to conventional shelves which have 2 uprights frame,there are 3 uprights frame shelves equiped with three columns on the side.

Three column's specifications: 55 * 58, 80 * 60,90*70, it could be customized according to diffirent need for cargo placement.The reason why three-post shelves exist is mainly to place heavy weight and large-area goods.


Comparing the three-column shelf with the conventional shelf, we can find that the three-column shelf has a high load bearing capacity, a wide layer of planks, many reinforcing ribs, and more types of storage goods, but cost higher.For the beam used in 3 uprights frame,it is same as the rectangular beams. Steel Shelf should be designed according to different shelf depths. The difference from ordinary shelves is that three-post shelves actually have 3pieces beams each layer, This beam is mainly used to strengthen the force.


If the cargo is heavy and the volume is small, you can take the scheme of adding reinforcement at the bottom of the laminate, or increase the specifications of the columns and beams; if the cargo is large and the weight is small, it is recommended to adjust the spacing of the laminates and increase the height of the pillars. Both of the above solutions can replace the three-post shelf, realizing the storage requirements without security risks.

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