What Type Of Racking System Is More Suitable For Cold Storage Storage?

The purpose of people using cold storage is to better preserve some special properties of goods, but the cost of building and maintaining a cold storage is higher than that of a general warehouse. Therefore, the storage equipment of the cold storage also needs to be matched with it. In the cold storage, the through rack is a frequent customer among them. It seems that the through rack is more compatible with the cold storage. In fact, this through rack is also called a corridor rack or a drive-in rack.

Due to the complicated structure and large energy consumption, the storage space in the cold storage appears relatively noble. If it is a general storage rack, the storage of goods is not so concentrated, which may cause insufficient utilization of the three-dimensional space and cannot guarantee the cold storage. The resources are fully used, and the density design of the through-type shelves largely solves such problems, which is an advantage for the cost of cold storage.

Due to the structure of the through-type shelves, they are more suitable for storage of a single category and a large number of goods. This is because the through-structure of the shelves allows the goods to be placed relatively closely in order on the shelves, forming a tight Arranged density storage mode, and the cost of cold storage is relatively high. The storage form of through-type cold storage shelves can achieve dense and efficient storage while stabilizing or reducing costs, and realize scientific cold storage.

Not only in cold storage, the through-type shelves in general warehouses, such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco industries, are more frequently used shelf types, but the specific storage situation of each unit is different, even if it is used The design of the through-type shelves also needs to be optimized and adjusted in detail to ensure the best results after use.

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