What Type Of Pallet Racking Do We Have ?

Do you work in or run a warehouse operation? Is your warehouse full of pallet racks that hold all of your products and goods? Just about every warehouse that is used for storing products has some kind of pallet rack storage system. These systems come in many different sizes and styles.

Selective pallet racking,which is the most popular and economic storage racking system.The racking is mainly used together with pallet and the common forklift.

VNA Pallet racking is one type of beam pallet racking.3-way forklift is used in this kind of racking system.Compared with normal beam pallet racking,width of aisle of VNA Pallet racking is much smaller,warehouse space utilization can be recreased by about 20%.

Drive-in Racking is an often-used and dense storage system.Compared with normal pallet racking,it has more space utilization.Goods are stored and moved out from same side.

Shuttle pallet racking is a special made racking system for shuttle whcih based on the structure of Drive-in racking.Depth of this racking system could be 30-60m,which is much bigger than normal Drive-in racking.