What Kind Of Warehouse Is Suitable For Using Selective Pallet Racking

Searching on the customer's requirement:

1.Storage way for the goods

Normally,selective pallet racking stock the goods with pallet packaged.So we should know some details about the pallet which are used by customer,including Pallet size,the forklift way and the pallet height after packaged.

2.Weight of pallet goods

When we deisn the rack system,load capacity is a important factor to choose the appropriate material.The correct material ensure the pallet racking stablity and dafety.

3.Lift height of fork truck.

Only if know well about the max lift height of forklift,we can have the most appropriate upright height,as thus in avoid of the limitaion when pick up the goods.

4.Customer's requirement on Safety adn Protection

Some cutsomers maybe need extra accessories,such as safety mesh around the pallet rack.

Selective pallet racking is widely used in most enterprise.In order to improve the space efficency,it is available to decrease the passageway width,and used together with stacking equipment.