What Kind Of Shelving Rack Is Right For Your Warehouse?

The racking system in your warehouse facility serves as the entire framework for your operation. When choosing an industrial 

warehouse racking option, With so many choices it can be difficult to navigate all the information and find the best solution for you 

and your business; that’s where our team can help.

There are various options to choose from – exploring all of the options is the best way to customize your warehouse in order to 

maximize your industrial space.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on industrial warehouse racking: 

• What items will be stored here?

• Am I storing on pallets? 

• What are my product flow requirements? 

• What is my available storage area including elevation? 

• Will I be utilizing a vehicle such as a forklift?

• What type of environment am I storing in (humid, freezer, etc.)? 

Take a look through our case studies to see our shelving options in use, or call us to arrange a site visit to assess your needs on  02589622571