What Is Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is designed with vertical support arms that attach to a series of uprights and then cantilever out on a slight angle to support goods.Normally,Cantilever racking is primarily used for storage of bulky, oversized, long loads such as timber, plasterboard, steel trusses & piping, PVC carpet.

Uprights can be punched on the front and back sides for double storage (see below picture).  Arm length, height and quantity are determined based upon size and quantity of expected load. 

Cantilever Components:

Uprights – Uprights are the vertical column that supports the arms.

Base - The uprights connect directly into the base most commonly bolted, providing the stability and support for the uprights to bear the load.

Arms – Racking arms are the horizontal beams that support the load when stored. They can be in different angles depending on storage requirements.

Braces – Braces connect and support the uprights, creating strength and rigidity.

Important design considerations must be identified prior to ordering your cantilever rack such as: system material roll-formed or structural, number of arms to support the load to avoid deflection, length of arms for proper load placement, and overall system height.

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