What Elements Affect The Mezzanine Rack Cost ?

The price of Mezzanine is mainly determined by the quality of the steel material and the size and structure of the mezzanine rack. Sunnyrack will make plans according to the condition of the customer's warehouse, and store the kinds of goods, the quantity, and the existing equipment. The design is flexible and standard. The schemes given by different manufacturers will be different and the price is different. Therefore, the purchase of Mezzanine cannot see the price, but the whole structure and material selection, which determines the load bearing capacity, safety and stability of the shelf system, must not be cheap to affect the efficiency and security of storage.

The price of Mezzanine is mainly calculated according to the selected materials, such as columns, beams and floor panels. The price of each square meter is 600-1200 yuan (reference price), which is determined by the weight bearing capacity, the number of layers and the height.

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