What Are The Principles That Should Be Paid Attention To In The Storage Shelving?

  What are the principles that should be paid attention to in the storage Shelving?

  1. Do not backtrack-this is the basic principle of the delivery guarantee.

  Whether it is for order shipments or suppliers to goods, must ensure that the goods in the same line execution;

  2. Shelf Guide Road-This is the premise of scientific and reasonable arrangement of goods.

  (1) Shelving according to the size of the Site and SKU box specifications, package the pillar and sewer. The principle of ensuring the shelf-access without column exposure.

  (2) Shelving by brand vertical order, new Shelving listed in the storage Shelving, best-selling Shelving in the second, Ping Shelving listed in the following, the most distant for unsalable Shelving. To ensure the shortest distance piled up the principle of high turnover products. The highest turnover of products directly out of the warehouse, from the supplier's finished warehouse to The courier.

  3. Speed first-everything else comes in.

  E-commerce is faced with retail, speed and accuracy of strict demand, we one out of 10,000 of the error, for customers is hundred percent error. It is unrealistic to rely on the control of the process node and the people's ideological education to achieve the strict demand of speed and accuracy. So the basic input of logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse layout. is to temporarily do not invest, planning the warehouse should also be long-term planning. Because the planning of warehouse layout determines the optimum capacity and the best speed. Such as: Mobile SKU box, fire protection facilities, monitoring equipment, collector network, pallet machinery and so on.