Warehousing : The Weakness Of Logistics

-take full use of different types warehouse racking


With the development of the society ,the people in charge of e-commerce enterprises all put an emphasis on warehouse, which causes the warehousing racking will be in numerous need.


The low concentration and nonstandard of logistics industry dragged the whole development of the electronic commerce, and it has become a bottleneck of the electric industry development. The CEO of BTC Liu Qiangdong once said that logistics is the lifeblood of BTC, and the most important thing they need to do in Guangzhou or even Guangdong is warehouse, “it’s not that we don’t want to rent, it’s the problem that the warehouse is unavailable”.


The weakness cannot keep pace on with the development of the logistics industry, especially the shortage of the third party warehousing of logistics services, many e-commerce enterprises invested a huge amount of money to build their own logistics warehouse such as vancl, BTC, Suning E-commerce, Gome, Dangdang.com, Cuba and other e-commerce enterprises, because of this the logistics cost trend has been increasing all the time. Under this underground, logistics will be the key point of the development of the e-commerce, even the essential factor which will affect the whole industrials competitiveness.


It is knowing that the characteristic of the warehouse is to solve the logistics warehousing problem of the e-commerce enterprises. The enterprises just need to sale and promote in front, while the warehouse need to manage warehouse, deal with orders, distribute, pack and send courier. Though the construction of centralized logistics distribution center and the logistics sorting by modern logistics technology, we will realize the scale affection, and the warehouse racking will be an important part of it.

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