Why Mezzanine rack system is popular

Mezzanine floorings are liked for a large number of reasons and they aren’t just for warehouses any more. Slowly, over the years, they have also been used by retailers looking to improve store space or add additional room to showcase their goods. As their popularity has grown, more businesses are making use of mezzanine floors, not just because they are popular but because they offer a wide array of features that improve the functionality and storage space of your warehouse and improve the productivity of your business as well.

The following are a few more reasons why you should make use of a mezzanine floor in your warehouse:

On one hand,The current construction height of warehouses is generally higher than three or four meters or even higher, unlike the previous construction of low warehouses due to financial and technical issues. After the warehouse is high, the standard storage capacity of 2 meters or 2.2 meters, 2.8 meters, etc. can not reflect higher utilization.

On the other hand,warehouse with more inventory varieties, the attic shelf can better use the space, better sorting goods. This advantage is not achieved by the very high storage shelves. Therefore, when we recommend the customer to choose which kind of shelf, our company, Bull Leader shelf should be tailored to the customer according to the customer's goods and so on. That is to say, not all of the attic is used. If the goods are relatively small, the highly-high beam shelves or automated libraries are a better choice.