Warehouse Storage Heavy Duty Teardrop Pallet Rack

Teardrop style pallet rack is the most common and requested form of rolled form pallet rack. Teardrop rack derives its name from 

the beam connector holes on the front of the upright columns that resemble an upside down teardrop. Teardrop style rack is 

popular because the pallet rack beams easily clip into the upright columns. Most manufacturers make teardrop rack with beams 

that are adjustable on 2” centers. 

Teardrop style selective pallet rack is called Selective because of it offers tremendous selectivity. You are able to access every 

pallet in a selective rack system. Teardrop rack is the most economical and efficient way to store pallets or bulk boxes and 

maximize valuable storage space in your warehouse. 

Teardrop style and all other cold rolled form styles of rack come in any size and any capacity to match the needs of all users. Our 

experienced sales team members are available to meet with you to design a system based on your needs and your rack 

preferences. Diversified Rack & Shelving team members will design a rack system based on your pallet sizes, pallet weights, 

building configuration and sprinkler system capacities