Warehouse Racking Medium Duty Long Span Shelving Storage Rack System

Warehouse long span shelving system is design for fast access and minimal storage capacity maximization, the system is also a versatile solution to a vast majority of businesses.Warehouse Longspan shelving system is simply an upright and beam system with a choice of timber,wire mesh decking or steel panel.Uprights can be designed assembled or flat pack, one the uprights are assembled beams are secured onto the uprights and are adjustable. Safety pin also called Locking clips prevent accidental movement.

With the purpose for medium-sized to large loads and items, Warehouse Longspan Shelving System is availiable for customsized requirements.The long span shelving system utilises shared frames, where you add your next bay of shelving onto the previous frame, creating optimal space utilisation when the long span shelves are formed into rows of shelving.

The Sunnyrack Warehouse Long span shelving system that is held in stock offers a frame capacity of 4000KG and a beam capacity from 400kg-2300kg.With a UDL(Uniformly Distributive Load) capacity of between 500-1000kg per layer, it has option for an endless list of storage needs.

Warehouse Long span shelving system,as one typicl style of Medium duty storage rack system,which comes in a variety of lengths, heights and depths to suit your needs.Longspan shelving system is versatile, adjustable and incredibly strong,We make it so easy to assemble your new shelves with our pre-assembled end frames that you require no tools.

Warehouse long span shelving system picture show: