Warehouse Pallet Racking Installtion Guides

Knowing how to install pallet racking can help you deceide whether it is worthwhile to do by yourself or to hire out the installation. When you are putting together your warehouse design, being able to install your own equipment and infrastructure supplies means being able to control your bottom line. That’s why it is important to understand the labor costs and timelines for items like pallet rack installation.

Following some important points for Warehouse Pallet Racking Guides

1.Ensure pallet racking is square and level. Placing beams in the very bottom of the uprights will help you square the bay to be dynabolted in. The beams don’t have to stay in that position indefinitely, they can be relocated once dynabolting is complete.

2.Upright frames should have heavy duty baseplates with provision for 2 expansion bolts per baseplate  Each frame must have a minimum of 4 expansion bolts properly fitted.

3.Racking beams should be fitted at heights specified to achieve correct ratings and rack stability

Proper installation of a pallet racking requires the help of an expert. It is best to leave the job to them to ensure maximum safety and a risk-free installation.