Warehouse Pallet Racking Design

Warehouse Pallet Racking installations are basically made up of pallet racking frames (2 per Starter bay and 1 per add on bay) and pallet racking beams (1 pair per shelf level inc 4 safety locking pins), they are available in a wide range of capacities but the most common is 2 tonne. The racking beams can be easily removed and repositioned when changes in your storage requirements occur, although pallet racking is adjustable, once the beams are slotted into position in the frame uprights, an inter-locking structure of great strength and rigidity is maintained.

Steel Safety Locking Pins ensure the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent the beam being dislodged during use (most commonly caused by forklift drivers lifting the pallet on the level below to high to get it out of its position).Standard pallet racking is easy to install with the right equipment and it is the most widely used of installed pallet storage systems as it allows direct access to each individual pallet stored for optimum stock rotation and picking.

Warehouse Pallet racking can be configured to meet your needs in terms of load volume and weight, accessibility, handling requirements and space utilisation and can even be used to form multi-tier structures and racking floors.