Warehouse Pallet Racking And Steel Shelving For Indonesia Customer

After looking at various options with SUNNYRACK,the indonesia end user customer decided to chosse selective pallet rack combined with steel shelving system for storage,and keep the remaining area as packing space.

The adjustable pallet racking system ,which provides over 1200 pallet locations.The frames are installed ar over 7.2m at the height point,giving 0+3 beam levels.

As cargo falling down damage was a concern to Indonesia customer ,each level is decked with powder coating wire mesh decking.As well as steel shelving,each set was sperated with splitter steel plate.

Here so grateful to receive the below picture from customer,they are very satisfied with SUNNYRACK products and service.We are noted that they need some more items in the following weeks,and SUNNYRACK will be still a good partener.