VNA Pallet Racking Introduction

VNA racking is an improvement of traditional standard  pallet racking, it has all the advantages of standard pallet rack;

Passage size: standard pallet racking passage size is around 3200mm while VNA racking passage size is around 1800mm, Narrow aisles can improve warheouse space utilization by 30% compared with standard pallet racking;

VNA pallet rack passage is equipped with guide rail, it can effectively reduce the damage may caused by forklift, and can prolong the rack service span;

Direct access to all pallets, pallets can be located and moved individually, no first in, first out or first in, late out limit, forklift operatoe can quickly and easily find and pick up goods from pallet rack system, it is widely used in supermarket, distribution center, logistic center, etc;

Beam height can be adjusted per 75mm according to the storage needs.

The principal advantage of VNA racking is the combination of relatively high density with 100% individual selectivity. Throughput speed can be more rapid than with conventional trucks and layouts. VNA trucks can operate at greater heights than conventional trucks up to 14m