Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking System To Maximize Warehouse Storage Capacity

Very narrow aisle rack system normally refered to as VNA is an effective way of increasing pallet storage within limited warehouse 

space.It is a simple variation to conventional adjustable pallet rack where by more pallet positions are created within an area by 

reducing the width of the aisles. A Narrow aisle rack sytem enables you to set up high-density storage by making better use of 

your floor area and roof height.

Facts about Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet racking System:

-Good stock rotation

-100% accessibilty to individual pallets

-Average floor area utilization

-Minimise aisle width and increase net area utilization

-High level of throughput

-Additional cost of specialist forklift truck offset by the added value of improved space utilization.

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