Use Heavy Shelves To Reduce Storage Costs

How to use heavy shelves to reduce storage costs

Warehouse cost management is the basis of the management of major warehousing enterprises, to improve the management of the enterprise topic and improve economic efficiency have a very big impact, reduce storage costs to ensure the lowest total logistics costs and does not reduce the overall quality of service and target level of the enterprise Under the premise of the following to provide several common ways to reduce storage costs for your reference.

First, focus on storage

Centralized storage can reduce the warehouse area, reduce storage and storage costs; through the use of special transport container tools, can reduce transportation costs, to achieve low-cost business camp, is conducive to improving the market competitiveness of enterprises and products.

Second, the use of "first in, first out" approach to reduce the risk of storage of goods

"First in first out" is one of the criteria for storage management, which ensures that the storage period of each stored material is not too long and reduces the risk of storage. The effective first-in first-out method has the following several kinds.

1. Gravity shelves

Gravity of the shelf is a stock of a certain slope of the storage trail, from one end of the items, the goods unit can be under the action of their own weight, automatically moved from the storage side to the library side, from the library side to take out the items , Items in the channel in their own order by line, will not appear offside and so on. Gravity shelves can be very effective in ensuring "first in first out".

2. "double warehouse method" storage

For each kind of storage are prepared for two positions or cargo positions, rotation to access, coupled with the need to be cleared in a cargo can be added after the provisions can be guaranteed to achieve "first in first out."

3. Computer access system

The use of computer management, in the inventory to the computer input time records, into a simple chronological order of the program, the computer can be given time to give instructions to ensure "first in first out." This computer access system can also guarantee the combination of not storing for a long time and fast-forwarding and fast-forwarding, that is, under the premise of ensuring a certain first-in-first-out, the quick turnover material is randomly stored in a convenient place for storage Speed up turnover, reduce labor consumption.