Unreasonable Warehouse Layout? Try These Methods

The layout and planning of the warehouse's cargo area are the objective needs of the warehousing business and warehouse management. Whether it is reasonable or not directly affects the efficiency of each work and the safety of the stored materials. Therefore, not only should we pay attention to the rational layout of the warehouse cargo area when constructing a new warehouse, but also to pay attention to the necessity for the old warehouse with the progress of technology and changes in operating conditions.

Basic form of warehouse area layout´╝Ü

Reasonable Warehouse Are Layout help improve the warehouse plane and space utilization rate, on the other hand to improve the quality of the storage of items, facilitate the entry and exit operations, and thereby reduce the cost of storage and disposal of items.

Principle for Warehouse Layout:

(1) Classified storage according to the characteristics of items, and centralized storage of items with similar characteristics;

(2) Store items with large unit volume and large unit mass on the bottom of the shelf, and close to the outbound area and channel;

(3) Store items with a high turnover rate in the most convenient location for loading, unloading and handling in and out of the warehouse;

(4) Centrally store items from the same supplier or the same customer to facilitate sorting and distribution operations.

Plane Layout  refers to the rational planning of the stacks, aisles, stack spacing, receiving and delivery areas, etc. in the cargo area, and the correct handling of their relative positions. The form of plane layout can be summarized as vertical and inclined.

Space Layout  refers to the layout of inventory items on the three-dimensional space of the warehouse, and its purpose is to fully and effectively use the warehouse space. The main forms of space layout are: stacking on the spot, storing on the shelf, adding a platform, hanging in the air, etc.

There are many advantages of using shelves to store items. In summary, there are the following aspects:

1) It is convenient to make full use of the warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of the storage capacity and expand the storage capacity;

2) The items are complementarily squeezed in the shelf, which is helpful to ensure that the item itself and its packaging are intact;

3) The items in each layer of the shelf can be freely accessed at any time, which is convenient for first-in first-out;

4) The articles are stored in the shelves, which can prevent moisture and dust, and some special shelves can also play the role of preventing damage, theft and destruction.