There Are Many Types Of Storage Shelfs

  There are many types of storage Shelfs, mainly multi-storey storage Shelfs, folding storage Shelfs, attached storage Shelfs and automatic storage Shelfs and other types. Commercial storage Shelfs are more detailed.

  storage Shelf classification:

  1, spare parts storage Shelf: combined with the back hanging parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, not only for all types of materials finishing, more suitable for small materials, tools, spare parts and various types of storage items classification, full and effective use space. Hook and square hole hanging plate with the use of any change hole, positioning fast, safe and secure, to meet the various types of tools set management, save time to find; back hanging parts box and leaflets with the use of hanging, Color labels, small materials, parts available color management classification storage;

  2, the box storage Shelf: can be placed in multiple layers of goods, the following with the wheel, when not in use can be folded, greatly save the warehouse space;

  3, stacking frame: folding folding and folding can not be folded two, were stored in tires and other non-standard shape of goods.