The Warehouse Racking Layout In Warehouse With Load Bearing Column

Racking are mainly used in warehouse for storing goods , and there are various physical environments in the warehouse that directly affect the layout of storage racking, such as the load-bearing pillars of warehouses. To deal with such factors, how to arrange the racking to ensure what is the better use of the racking? How to deal with the positional relationship between the load-bearing column, the racking and the aisle?


One way is to place the load-bearing columns in the middle of the two sets of racking. This should be one of the ideal arrangements. The column is placed in the middle of the two sets of racking backs. The column does not prevent the staff from accessing the goods, nor does the shelf affect the storage capacity in the middle. However, this kind of scheme has a deficiency, which will result in a certain waste of warehouse space, and the storage of goods will be reduced.


Place the load-bearing column in the middle of the racking. This layout is very unsatisfactory, but considering the reality of many warehouses, which can only be so. This requires that when the racking is arranged, the relative distance between the column and the racking should be increased as much as possible to ensure the storage capacity of the warehouse and the efficiency of the staff.


Place the warehouse load-bearing column on the edge of the racking or in the middle of two parallel rows of racking. This solution is relatively reasonable, it only reduces a small amount of storage, and has no effect on the efficiency of the entire warehouse staff.


When we are doing the overall layout of warehousing, we want to get all kinds of basic data of warehouse , and then use the experience and cognitive level to optimize the design layout, which can make the storage racking placed in the warehouse for better layout effect.