The Introduction Of Sunnyrack Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is suitable for storing long material,ring material,plates,pipe,irregular goods and etc,It could be divided into single sided or double sided cantilever rack.The H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel for the column,square tube for the arm,the arms are connected with upright by inserted or bolted,the base and upright are connected with bolts.The base is made of cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel to ensure the stability of cantilever rack structure,good loading capacity and high space utilization.

The Features Of Cantilever Rack:

1,Only suitable for long or long roll goods storage.

2,Need to be matched with handling equipment with wider distance for forklift.

3,The height is limited,normally below 6mts.

4,Low space utilization rate is about 35%-50%.

5,Storage type:long trips and long rolls.


Sunnyrack is one of earliest and professional rack manufacturer,was founded in 2002 and starts its foreign business from 2007,our main products are pallet rack,drive in rack,cantilever rack,shuttle rack,push back rack,mezzanine&steel platform,longspan shelving,mobile shelving and etc.