The Importance Of Logistics Storage Shelving Rack Inspection

As the commercial activity developments,storage shelving rack is becoming more and more popular,and Quality & Safety issue of storage shelving rack can not be ignored.So how to detect the shelving rack quality ?

1. Before installation

Checking the shipping list & standard parts packing list,and make a record.If it is found that it is scattered, missing, or seriously damaged, need promptly reflected and replaced in time;When open the package,the components should be inspected against the part list,including dimensions,tolerance etc.

2. During the daily use

After installation,it is the first step to check whether it is standardized;In daily use,checking the deformation of storage shelving rack and use condition,such as upright column,beam damage or not ; safety pin if complete;if necessary to change the bolts,expansion bolts,upright protectors and other accessories;What is most important,if there is overload pallets or goods.

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