The Features&Advantages Of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)Pallet Rack

1,The efficiency of accessing is much better than conventional rack system.the forklift can work at a height of 14mts,electric stacking crane can even work higher.

2,Special forklift or cranes are needed as well as other supported machinery.The function is not only storing pallets,it’s also for supporting and strengthening the handling equipment.

3,It has a strictly requirements on the structural strength and tolerance coordination.Accurate design and installation must be comprehensively considered and semi-automatic auxiliary control will be used in the cooperation to ensure the accurate position of pallet on high-level storage.

The Cautions for The Operation Of VNA pallet rack

1,The storage principle is that to place light goods at top level and heavy goods at bottom level.

2,Overloading is forbidden.the weight of each level must not exceed the maximum loading capacity of rack.

3,It should be handled as lightly as possible to prevent the collision to the rack.

4,Operators should not enter the bottom of rack directly when goods are stored on the rack.

5,Non standard boards or pallets is not suggested to used on the rack.


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