The Feature Of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is evolved from traditional light and medium duty racks,movable structure,only need one tunnel around  1m wide,good seal,beautiful looks,safe and stable.The guide rail can be put under or on the ground,the base of racks move in the direction of guide rails,the racks assemble on the base,this kind of rack achieve smooth and easy moving by using chain wheels moving system,the goods are loaded or unloaded by manual labor,are mainly used in archives,library,company’s profile rooms,light industry and so on.


Manual mobile shelving:

1,End user move aisle by pushing handles that mounted on the range ends.

2,Perfect for low activity and geared for smaller mobile shelving system.

3,Budget oriented but requires great end user effort to enter the compact shelving

Electric mobile shelving:

1,End users open movable shelving aisles by pushing a button and computerized commands assist operation.

2,High density shelving of this type are designed for high access and maximum productivity.

3,Mobile shelving units have integrated state of the art system for user’s safety.

4,Mobile shelving has programmable security which limits access to assigned users.


Sunnyrack was founded in 2002 and start its foreign business from 2007,our main products are pallet rack,drive in rack,cantilever rack,push back rack,shuttle rack,mezzanine&steel platform,mobile shelving,longspan shelving and etc.