The Difference Between Heavy Duty Rack And VNA Rack

Heavy duty rackings and very narrow aisle (VNA) rackings all storage pallets with goods, all of which are beam-type racking and cargo racking. The heavy-duty racking has a simple structure, high load capacity, and 100% sortability of the goods, so it is suitable for a wide range of applications. The main body of the VNA rack is a beam-type racking system. According to our experience, we SUNNYRACK introduces the difference between heavy-duty rack and VNA rack.

 pallet racking 3

1. Racking structure: heavy-duty rack is mainly composed of box beam and uprights . The structure is simple and clear, and the height of each layer can be adjusted freely by an integral multiple of 75mm. The main body of the VNA rack adopts a beam-type racking system, but the guide rail of the three-way stacking forkliftis installed on the bottom of the VNA rack. This is the biggest difference between the two structures.


2. Aisle: heavy duty racks’ aisle is wide, determined by the size of the cargo and the turning radius of the forklift;VNA rack as the name suggests forklift handling aisle is narrow, the specific gravity type of shelf is much narrower, generally about 1.6m-2m.


3. Storage density: heavy-duty rack forklift channel is large, so the storage density is not high, the space utilization rate is generally only about 40%; VNA rack forklift channel is narrow, generally about 1.6m-2m, so the storage density is high ,the space utilization rate is high and can reach about 65%.


4. Handling machinery: there are no special requirements for forklifts equipped with heavy-duty racks, as long as the aisle width and shelf height are met; VNA rack needs to be equipped with a special three-way stacker forklift.

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