The Application Of Drive In Rack:

As through-type rack.its consist of upright frame,top beam,back beam,connect bar,pallet corbel and double/single in rack is suitable for few varieties and overall storage is mostly used in cold storage like drinks,food,milk product and other in rack can maximized the utilization of warehouse.

First In Last Out(FILO) is the typical characteristic of drive in rack system.As forklift trucks are work in the rack so it has a high requirement on the operator’s drive in skills.the turnover speed and accessing efficiency are also affected.

The structural design of drive in rack is most important factor for the quality of addition,the material,production process,production equipment,tooling fixture and spraying will also affect the quality.

Drive in rack is a door structure.the length to length ratio of the column should not be’s normally controlled under 10mts.4 layer and 6 pallet deep is the best.

We must standardize the size and weight of pallet unit first before design the drive in rack system.then we can work out the unit width,depth,level space.The design&test verification should be carried out for the key parameters.a corresponding simplified mechanical model should be established according to the case structure and according to the actual force(including the seismic loading),loading distribution,section geometric parameter and quality characteristics.

The strength,stiffness and stability need to be verified by experiment to ensure the design results are consistent with the actual.

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